Hands & Feet

Spa Pedicure

55 minutes, $50

Rejuvenate from your toes up as we exfoliate your tired feet and give you a relaxing foot massage. We'll outfit you with a hot towel so you can tune out the world while we take care of your cuticles and polish your nails.

Spa Manicure

55 minutes, $30

Our manicures do more than just make your fingernails look fantastic. As your hands are massaged, your cuticles buffed and your nails polished, you can relax with a hot towel. When we're finished, you'll look and feel great.

Spa Combo

80 minutes, $80

We'll exfoliate, massage your hands and feet and polish your nails while you get nearly an hour and a half to relax with a hot towel.

Petit Fours Manicure

25 minutes, $20

We'll take great care to make your cuticles and polish perfect while ensuring you make it back in plenty of time for that meeting.

Petit Fours Pedicure

25 minutes, $30

We can be quick without skimping on quality. We'll give your nails and cuticles wonderful treatment in a short time frame. You'll look like we took all day!

Petit Fours Combo

55 minutes, $50

Get beautiful fingernails and toenails - both will have clean, manicured cuticles and the polish of your choice - in less than an hour.


55 minute manicure, $45.00
55 minute pedicure, $60.00

A true innovation in chip-free, extended wear color. Shellac goes on like polish, wears like gel, and can be gently removed in minutes. Common client nail concerns are virtually eliminated with use of the Shellac system. Dry time is reduced to zero, and the mirror-like finish resists chips, nicks, and smudges. Nails are strengthened and enhanced for 14 days of durable color.

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